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There are no boundaries in business. Kookaburra Business Group will show you the dream and help you get there.

We’re a business development and management consultancy focusing on the growth of core regional industries (agriculture, manufacturing, energy & tourism).

We collaborate to conquer, working across all sectors, in all businesses who want growth. Together, through your success, we will do our part to advance micro and macro economies in regional areas.


Business growth

scaling up, business/scenario planning, marketing strategies

Regional economic development

data analysis, impact analysis, mentoring

Business projects and

government liaison, business case, project advocacy

Strategic change

innovation programs,
succession planning


cooperatives, charity fundraising,
community memberships

Crisis &

covid-19 planning,
drought & flood recovery

Other big projects we like to do


Strategies/ Scaling
Up Initiatives





Kookaburra Business Group

Our vision is to work with people to create something better.

Our mission is to collaborate for good, that’s why we work with a people-first and positive attitude. We continually share and apply new learnings, spruik about milestones achieved and celebrate success, big or small.

Kookaburra Business Group is all about collaboration with purpose, building mutually beneficial partnerships that deliver increased value.

Idea keeping you awake?
image of Kookaburra Business Group owner Craig Tunley

Craig Tunley

I am passionate about adding value – to people, businesses and places. I have spent the last 20 years of my career crafting economic environments that facilitate economic growth. I’ve looked at rural and regional economies from different perspectives and used my skills in data analysis, marketing, facilitation and business principles to inform actions supporting active communities.

It wasn’t enough and after some self-reflection and leadership training, I’m now on a different path – a path which I call business first economic development. I’ve long questioned what the economic impact would be in a community if every business employed one more person. Answer, it would be massive!

I realised long ago that not all businesses have had the education or experiences that I’ve enjoyed. The struggle is very real for many. I’m a keen golfer, a fan of destination events, love my weekly tennis game and fierce advocate for men’s health.

I don’t mind speaking in front of a crowd and love to celebrate success in whatever form it takes. I keep on seeking to build relationships with people, add value to our relationship and create step changes in local communities for regional economic development. I work with doers and I love to laugh out loud.

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Craig Tunley